About Price for Peace:

Two facts stand out when it comes to insurance:

A: Canadians rarely think about it, or believe it’s not for them

B: Even if they are insured, there’s a good chance they do not have enough of it.

Polls and industry statistics consistently find a significant percentage of us do not have enough basic life insurance to support loved ones in the event of an unexpected calamity.

According to a nationwide study conducted, although 57%of respondents’ own life insurance, only 28% feel extremely confident in their understanding of life insurance, and 66% don’t have a good understanding of how to collect a life insurance payout.

Do you fall into this confused category? If so, it’s crucial to educate yourself about life insurance, especially if you have people who depend on you (kids, Spouse or other family members), or have a mortgage or significant amount of debt.

This book explains about life and living benefits.

—why to choose; when to choose; and how to choose
—along with understanding your life stage. You cannot go wrong with the plan you choose if you have read this book.


Talks about basic ingredients of healthy financial plan.


Explains priority sequence of, in which insurance, savings and investment
should be kept.


Explains why do we need insurance (putting a price on peace of mind)?


Explains Life insurance (death benefit), its basic types and features.


Shares “MUST KNOWN” basics of 5 living insurance benefits.

Chapter #6

Talks about must don’t have polices vs Must have polices.


Explains Life stages and its impact on your plan.


Shares most common myths who stops you, getting insured right.


Must understand 7 K’s of “GETTING INSURED RIGHT”


Using life Insurance as Estate planning tool and Tax-sheltered investment

For Canadians especially, at the same note, it’s very important to understand what they are covered for, under OHIP, EI, CPP, WSIB, Auto Insurance, and Group Employee Benefit Plans
Live today fully, but don’t forget to plan for your tomorrow. There is a price for everything in this world. Are you ready to pay the price for financial peace? Pay this price and live respectfully—no matter what life throws at you.

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