The Award Winning Author

    Huria Kiran

My motivation to compile all my ideas in the form of a book was to educate in a very easy and efficient way, and to help families avoid the pain and hassle of not having proper financial planning

About Huria

Huria Kiran is Certified Life Insurance Expert, based out of Ontario, works with families and business owners to develop sound financial plans. She is the member of the Independent Financial Brokers of Canada and the President at Insure Canadian. She has a passion for covering current issues affecting the Life and Health Insurance industry in
Canada. Huria ‘s focus is to educate, entertain and inspire others towards what financial success means to them. She has a Master’s degree in Commerce.  Her mission is to educate and spread financial knowledge to help people to make informed financial decisions. She grew up in Pakistan and, in her20s, ventured over to Canada as an immigrant.  She is the oldest of her other four siblings.

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